In the Sky. LA to Lima, Peru

I give thanks to everyone I have co-created with. For all the long term relationships and brief encounters For all the magical moments and all the challenges. All of the laughter, tears, wonder, love and tough love that has lead me to this moment right here. There was a time in my life when I had no idea I could stand in my power and manifest my desires or even what that meant. When I was ready to learn and move forward, one mentor after another kept appearing. In reality, everyone in our lives are mentors but are we always open to learning from them?

My sister and I love this saying we heard from Cheryl Richardson.
“Life sends you messages. When you don’t hear the message, it sends you an issue. When you don’t handle that issue, it sends you a problem. When you don’t take care of that problem, it turns into a crisis.”

As I gaze out the window, I welcome all that has yet come, look forward to all the souls I have yet to meet, and continue to love all the souls in my life now.

Many blessings.