Around Lima Peru

During my stay in Lima, we took a tour of the city and saw a beautiful cathedral and a 17th century San Francisco Monastery.

In this monastery, the catacombs were open to the public. It’s an area of land underneath the monastery dedicated to burying the dead many many moons ago. There were piles of bones and skulls so perfectly aligned that each display felt like a piece of art. I wish we were allowed to take pictures but there were no cameras allowed inside. Here’s a link to the monastery ( ). The library was even more fascinating! The minute you crossed into the library through the doorway, you could feel the energy in the room palpitate. It looked like a cross between the library in a Harry Potter movie and the haunted house at Disneyland. The book shelves lined the walls with old books and it felt as if the room was fuzzy and you could see the spirits in that space moving about.

Next we were off to the Larco Herrera Museum. One of displays that caught my eye was the Quipos system pictured below resembling a necklace made of rope. The Incas used knotted cords to record countable information. Using the decimal system and the color cords they were able to tell what each knot was for. It was possible to distinguish if the information was dealing with men, women, the type of work, and production. It definitely leaves you thinking about the Incas advancement level and their mathematical skills.

Many blessings.