Welcome to Lima, Peru

Lima is a city that never sleeps. It’s literally like Vegas. Casinos are everywhere just like our supermarkets. It’s surrounded by a dessert and it never rains. Lima does get a layer of mist from time to time. There are 9 million people and they get plenty of water from the Amazon. Our taxi driver made it a point for us to notice that there are no sewer drains. There are beautiful lush parks with a single person that waters all of the flowers and lawns with a hose connected to a water container.

Our hotel was in Miraflores which is a province in Lima. This is a very touristy spot and cops make their presence known on practically every corner. Wasn’t so sure if that made me feel safe or worried. Our hotel Casa Andina Private Collection was beautiful. The view not so much and the pictures of the city posted below are from the view from the hotel room. The staff was very kind and everyone spoke English. It’s not difficult to get by if you don’t speak Spanish.

The one thing you must know how to do is be patient. Every meal experience here is slow and it’s not because service is bad. It’s part of the culture to be relaxed and enjoy your meal. It usually took about 20 minutes to get waited on and then they don’t bring you anything right away. You just sit back relax and look forward to whatever it is that you might get next. It could be a drink or maybe some food at some point. Lol! It was a great experience to just flow with it but at first it was concerning especially because I was starving. My first lunch in Lima was at a darling restaurant (picture of the window with the sign “Restaurant”) with two lovely birds nestled in a tree nearby.  This lunch took 2 1/2 hours and this wasn’t because we ate slow.

I had my first coca tea here in Lima and passed on the coca beer which I briefly glanced at while passing through the open market.  I think this was only a novelty item.  The coca tea is said to help with the high altitude and since I wasn’t taking the high altitude medicine, I decided to drink this throughout the day.  I enjoyed the taste and it definitely gave me a boost of energy comparable to drinking a cup of coffee.

This was nice but I am definitely ready for Cusco. See you there!