Out of Lima to Cusco and to the Sacred Valley

Flying out of Lima to Cusco was a quick 1 hour flight. It was quite amazing to see the desert transform into the Andes. Seeing the mountains so close as we were flying at high altitude was breathless. It felt as if I could touch them. Stepping out of plane, I was expecting to feel like I couldn’t breathe because of all the horror stories on the web about high altitude. The air felt so clean and I was still able to breathe deeply as I walked off the tarmac. I could feel a heaviness in the air and felt like I had to move in slow motion but nothing to panic about which was great. There were vendors trying to sell you stuff as you exited off the plane onto the bus. Mothers with children strapped on their backs as they were selling you items made your heart sink. As we boarded the bus we were given coca tea to help with the adjustment to high altitude.

We drove through Cusco admiring the architecture and stopped to eat at Incanto.  I really tried to get myself to order the guinea pig or alpaca but just couldn’t.  I opted for the Aji de Gallina which is shredded chicken in chili sauce with yellow potatoes and rice.  So good! A must for anyone in Cusco.

I felt pressure on the top of my head as we drove through the mountains to the Sacred Valley but that quickly passed. I think the tea helped.  Riding on the tour bus from Cusco to the Sacred Valley took approximately 1 1/2 hours.  On the way to the Sacred Valley it was raining on and off.  I saw a beautiful rainbow and then was blessed with a double rainbow!  A little 4 year old girl once said that rainbows were God’s promises that he would never flood the earth again.  Whatever the meaning might be, rainbows are surely magical.  The final pictures of the valley were so breath taking that it’s hard to translate those same emotions across in pictures. This was the start of my Andes adventure.

Many blessings.