Sol y Luna School, Sacred Valley Children

Part of the afternoon was spent at the Sol y Luna School.  The Adventurers club members had the opportunity to donate either money or supplies to the school.  Mike Dooley gave the kids a short “Thoughts become Things” speech and told them they are loved by people all around the world.  This event more than touched my heart.  I thought the Andes were incredible and they still are but anything that has to do with helping children brings it home for me.  This school is absolutely amazing.  The couple who opened the school is committed to offering children a place where they can learn to have dreams of their own.  The school started with 2nd grade, they are now up to 6th grade and will continue to grow as the children advance in grade level.  The kids in this school range from foster children, poverty stricken children, and children who can afford what is considered private school.  They are fed breakfast and lunch.  They not only learn academics but are counseled, taught how to dream, and provided art and music therapy for all types of abuse because if they can not heal they will not thrive.  Once a week the owners sit with each child to have a family discussion.  They ask the child what their week has been like, what is going on at home (the ones who have a home), and most importantly discuss what their dreams are.  Since tourism is the only business in this area, the children are already being taught how to succeed in this area.  They are being taught how to become managers and leaders and not how to be part of the cleaning crew.  These children were incredibly happy and greeted us with smiles and “holas” as we walked in.  Each child made a card for us and told us their dreams.  These kids want to be pilots, astronauts, dancers, and chefs!  Priceless and it reminds you that it takes a village to raise a child.

If you are moved by this and want to help, take a look at their site .

Many blessings.