Tambo Del Inka Hotel in the Sacred Valley

I was at the Tambo Del Inka Hotel during my stay in the Sacred Valley.  This hotel was nothing less than luxury and to top it off every employee came across as kind and gentle hearted.  The food was just ok and I wish I could say it was fabulous.  The Peruvian dishes don’t quite taste as good as they do when you order it outside the hotel.  I also tried a couple of times to like it but expect the river fish to taste like the river.  On the other hand, their food is organic and they have a sommelier.  Now that is fabulous.

Upon arrival it was dark and to my complete surprise upon waking up in the morning, my patio door faced the mountains and the sacred Vilcanota River (otherwise known as the Urubamba River).  Not only did it face it but I was within walking distance of maybe a minute or less.  The sound of the river, smell of fresh crisp air, and many different birds singing that morning were incredibly fairytale like.  I expected to see Bambi prancing along but since we were in Peru it would have to be a llama.  Walking outside the grounds of the hotel was wonderful.  I was becoming very grounded and had realized I had forgotten about the hustle and bustle of my world outside of this magnificent valley.  You could feel the energy from the enormous mountains as if they were talking to you.  There were also snowcapped mountains in view as you walked out the front of the hotel.  There is even a door man at this hotel.  There’s a picture of me below so you can get some kind of perspective as to how tiny I felt in this valley.  At this point, nothing else mattered.

I was glad I took the time to visit the small town located directly across from the Tambo Del Inka Hotel before going to the Sol y Luna School.  Not one tourist in site and the vendors never approach you like they do everywhere else.  The market was vibrant with colors from the fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Even the meat section was interesting although, the first thought that came to this United States breed mind was, “This is beautiful but just can’t be sanitary; can it?”  Then I saw these taxis that were motorcycles enclosed in what resembled buggies with cool superhero designs on some.

Bonus: Andy Dooley showing me how to jump in photos in the plaza.  I love doing this now!  It was so fun but I did get extremely winded after 3 jumps because of the high altitude.

I was grateful to have experienced this culture untouched by tourism.  I could definitely have stayed here another week.