Aguas Calientes: The Eagle and The Condor

Aguas Calientes is a beautiful and peaceful town.  It was quiet as I walked through town one evening enjoying the mouthwatering smells coming from the food vendors.  I walked by a full size soccer field which was enclosed by a gate and very well lit.  I stood in amazement as I watched many of the kids and adults playing separately but in harmony.  The air was still, laughter could be heard coming from the four cardinal directions, and all in a peaceful tone.  What one couldn’t hear were adults or children yelling, yelling at each other, crying, or tantrums.  It was so serene and it was actually like this throughout the whole town. 

The next afternoon I went back to a store I had fell in love with that previous evening.  The store was called Arte Sipan Casa de la Luna which appeared to be a shaman type store filled with feathers, stones and quite a few native musical instruments that were not for sale.  I met the owner’s wife the previous evening when I purchased a few dream catchers and admired the alter made of the townspeople’s personal spiritual items like dream catchers and pictures of idols worshipped.  

When I returned that afternoon, I met the owner and it turned out to be much more than I had expected.  Herbert Jordan Lira is a medicine man, an artist, a stone sculptor, and a silver molder of universal symbols for humanity.  He does shaman rituals in sacred places all over South and North America.  He has great people like Paulo Coelho assist him in ceremonial workshops.  Herbert said he’s only a very tiny piece of a larger prophecy. 

The Inca prophecies say that now, in this age, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken.  This is an era of light and an age of returning to natural ways.  We are here to understand the message of the heart, awaken to a new level of consciousness, and fly high like the eagle and the condor.  We are all a part of mother earth as she is inside us and we are inside her. 

During our chat he offered to do a small ceremony and asked that we sit in a circle in the center of his store.  (There were 3 others with me and I’ve cut them out of the pictures below to preserve the privacy of their experience.)  This was indeed a magical treat.  He exudes a very peaceful and loving energy.  Prior to us closing our eyes, Herbert smiled and said, “I can never do anything small.  When I do things they must always turn out grand.”  He was true to his word.  He plays up to 50 different instruments during his larger ceremonies and in that moment it sounded as if I had heard that many.  The vibration and energy exploded from his music into our souls.  His voice was the voice of spirit as he sang.  We were taken into another dimension during this experience.  We were one with the sounds, with him, with each other.  There was no distinction between me or you or it.  When we opened our eyes, we heard the voice of a little girl that sounded so appreciative when she said, “Oh how beautiful!”  She was about 7 years old, dressed in a school uniform, hair perfectly combed back in a ponytail, and was sitting on the step of the front entrance.  As we turned to each other and then back to her, she was gone.  What an angelic ending. 

We belong to Mother Earth “Pachamama”. Mother as a present/gift from our Creator “Wiracocha”. Let us get together on the Sacred/Holy Circle and let us protect our Mother from the involution.

Since times of our ancients, we continue practicing reciprocity “Ayni”: reciprocity to our Mother Earth, offering all our love through sacred ceremonies. Let us wake up brothers. Mother Earth needs us; we are her guardians.

Earth, earth shall be my body.
Water shall be my blood.
Air, air shall be my breath.
Fire shall be my spirit.

Herbert Jordan Lira (