Sanctuary of Dom Brosco in Brasilia, Brazil

“This is the closet feeling you will get to swimming under water,” a woman tells me prior to stepping in.

A few steps in and I’m astonished by the Sanctuary of Dom Brosco’s enchanted beauty. Luxurious blue and purple stained glass illuminated the entire church. The sunlight gleaming through the glass created a magical shimmer that filled my heart with joy and left me feeling like a little girl in a magical kingdom. The air filled with an aroma of prayers and purity. The chandelier hanging from the molded ceiling was said to be the largest in all of Brasilia, Brazil. I sat in the last pew hoping to absorb the intensity of this experience.

I closed my eyes to feel the flow of energy brush against my skin like a comforting splash of warm water. I opened my eyes and the feeling of weightlessness intensified. The woman’s sensory description was true. I was swimming under water. The Sanctuary of Dom Brosco was divine.