Moitara Cafe, Abadiania, Brazil

A gem of a surprise to find this little oasis in Abadiana, Brazil. My first visit I ordered a pineapple mint juice and Spirit served me a delicious impromptu cultural feast at Cafe Moitara. All within 45 mins.

Gypsie guitarist, French flute player, an American woman with a sultry voice who has been praying to find her voice after 23 years in the army, three Russian woman singing folk songs, an Argentinian woman with a voice that left tears in my eyes and the owner bringing it all home on drums.

Each person said they hadn’t shared their voice in years. I come across so many people who don’t realize the amount of happiness their passion can bring to the people of the world.

The space is well thought out with every corner vibrating peace and harmony. The owners were lovely and made each customer feel welcome with conversation and smiles that flowed effortlessly.

This was so special and perfect! I couldn’t have ordered it better myself. One room one heart.

Please visit if you are in the area. Across the way from Caminho Encantado Pousada and open Sat through Tuesday from 12pm to 6:30pm. The pool is open for a small fee per customer and it’s a great spot to watch the sunset. IMG_5912.JPG